Wednesday, November 28, 2012

NeoTextureEdit 0.6.4 Released

I just released a new version (0.6.4) of NeoTextureEdit (my open source graph-based procedural texture editor). The major additions in this version are

Spectral Control Widget

you can now control the individual frequency bands of the perlin noise pattern via a simple widget. This allows you more control than the standard persistance parameter that gives you only an exponential falloff:

Directional Blur

the addition of an anisotropy parameter and an angle to the blur filter allows you to perform directional effects:

Modulus and Math1 Filter

The modulus filter was contributed by a user (Talin) and allows you to create an u-coordinate dependent color shift. The Math1 filter perform simple single-input math operations (like exponentiation for gamma correction, or single channel multiplication/add):

Node Folding

this feature was requested by a user and should help reduce the visual clutter in larger texture graphs:

You can download the latest version of NeoTextureEdit at Sourceforge or visit the Homepage for more information about the features.


  1. I play a bit more geo jump then I care to admit I am frequently on the high score charts :-) Thank you for making my wait in lines, long bus rides, and other spare time so fun! It is a fantastic game that I show my friend.

    It would be great if you could explain a little bit about the scoring system.

    First what is the difference between a green accelerator and a white one? Is it always better to hit an accelerator?

    Does hitting more platforms affect your score? or does covering the same height with fewer platforms give you the same score?

    Do hitting orange or moving purple platforms increase your score anymore than the standard teal ones (or half length teal ones)?

    How much do yellow squares increase your =
    score? My best score is just over 220k. I love this game. Thank you so much again.

    I tried to email but the email got kicked back.

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