Monday, June 7, 2010

Building my own global High Score system

I just released a new version of Gem Square (1.2) and with this version my new high score system is going live. In the older versions I used ScoreNinja that worked ok but I missed some important features like saving your nickname and multiple highscore lists. So I decided to build my own global high score system using Googles app engine. It now supports multiple lists per application which I use for Gem Square to provide an all-time highscore lists and a weekly list. The details of the high score system are quite simple. It is a servlet written in Java that recieves the highscore posts via HTTP, stores them in a database and returns the top ten for each list. Now that I have my own system I can think of many nice features I want to integrate in the future. One of this features would be to actually show the current high scores on a web page.

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